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Antioxidant BHT
CAS No.: 128-37-0
Molecula Formula: C15h24o
Appearance: It is a white crystal powder Dissolve in benzene, Toluene, Ethyl-acetate and Gasolene, Insoluble in water ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
2-Methyltetrahydrofuran- 3-one
Cate: Furans
CAS No.: 3188-00-9
Molecula Formula: C5H8O2
Odor: With the orods of caramel, rum, bread

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Min. Order: 1 KG
1, 3-Propane sultone (1, 3PS)
CAS No.: 1120-71-4
Molecular formula: C3H6SO3
Assay: 99.9%min.
Appearance: Clear colorless to yellowish liquid or solid

1, ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Dimethyl Butanedioate
CAS No.: 106-65-0
Mol. Formula: C6H10O4
Properties: Easily Soluble in Ethers, Alcohol and Acetone, slightly dissolves in water.
Use: For syntheses of ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Sodium allylsulfonate
Molecular formula: C3H5NaO3S)
CAS No.: 2495-39-8
Min25%, 35%
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Packaging Detail: In plastic Drum. Net weight 25 ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Stannous methanesulfonate
Synonyms: Tin(II) methanesulfonate solution; Methanesulfonic acid tin(2+) salt; Tin(II) methanesulfonate
Molecular formula: Sn(CH3O3S)2 or C2H6O6S2Sn ...
Min. Order: 1 KGS
Lithium sulfate
CAS No.: 10377-48-7
Molecular Formula: Li2SO4
Appearance: White crystal

Lithium sulfate monohydrate
Li2SO4: 86.0%min.
H2O: 14.0% max
Li2CO3: 0.1% max
Na: ...
Min. Order: 1 kG
Lithium carbonate (High purity grade)
CAS No.: 554-13-2.
Molecular Formula: Li2CO3
Appearance: White powder
Li2CO3: 99.9% min.
Ca: 0.01%max
K: 0.0005%max
Na: 0.004%max
Mg: ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Zinc borate
CAS No.: 12513-27-8
Molecula Formula: XZnO. YB2O3. ZH2O
Appearance: White powder

Zinc borate can be used as multi-functional synergistic additives ...
Min. Order: 1 KG

CAS No.: 55947-46-1

Chemical name: Propynesulfonic acid sodium salt

Molecular formula: C3H3NaO3S

Appearance: Clear yellowish liquid

Assay: 20%min.

Density: ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Lithium formate monohydrate
CAS. No: 6108-23-2
Molecular Formula: LiCHO2. H2O
Appearance: White crystal
LiCHO2: 71.0%min.
H20: 29.0%max
Key Word: CAS 6108-23-2
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Lithium molybdate
CAS No. 13568-40-6
Molecular Formula Li2MoO4
Appearance White crystal
Physical Characters: It is characterized as white cub crystal or powder.
Application: ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Lithium tetraborate
CAS No.: 12007-60-2
Molecular Formula: Li2B4O7
Appearance: White crystal

It is used as flux to prepare sample for X-ray fluorescence ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Lithium perclorate
CAS No. 13453-78-6
Molecular Formula Li2ClO4
Appearance White crystal
LiClO4 99.0%min.
Pb 0.001%max
N 0.003% max.
ClO3 0.02% max
SO4 0.008% max
Cl ...
Min. Order: 1 Yard
CAS No: 288-32-4
Molecular formula: C3H4N2
Molecular weight: 68.08

Properties: White prismy or flaky crystal, easily soluble in water and alcohol, slightly soluble ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
CAS No.: 18880-36-9
Chemical name: N, N-Dimethyl-dithiocarbamyl propyl sulfonic acid, sodium salt
Molecular formula: C6H12NNaO3S3
Appearance: White flake crystal
Assay: ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
CAS No.: 96-45-7
Molecula Fomular: C3H6N2S
EINECS: 202-506-9

Handling Precautions
For detailed information on toxicological properties and handling ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Ethyl Phenylacetate
CAS No.: 101-97-3
Mol. Formula: C10H12O2

Application: Intermediate for Diethyl ethylphenyl malonate, chemicals, agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals

Ethyl ...
Min. Order: 1 KG

CAS No.: 13580-38-6

Chemical name: Propargyl-oxo-propane-2, 3-dihydroxy

Molecular formula: C6H10O3

Appearance: Clear yellow liquid

Assay: 50%min.

Density: ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Lithium hydroxide monohydrate (Battery grade)
CAS No. 1610-66-3
Molecular Formula LiOH· H20
Appearance White crystal
LiOH· H20 96.0%min.

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Min. Order: 1 KG
Lithium tetrafluoroborate
CAS: 14283-07-9.
Molecular Formula: LiBF4
Appearance: White crystal
LiBF4: 99.9%min
Ca: 0.002%max
K: 0.002%max
Na: 0.003%max
Mg: 0.0005%max
SO4: ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Lithium acetate
CAS No: 546-89-4
Molecular Formula: LiC2H3O2
Appearance: White crystal

Lithium acetate dihydrate
LiC2H3O2: 63.5% min.
H2O: 36.5% max
SO4: 0.01% max
Na: ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Sodium Pyrithione (SPT 98%)
Pharmaceutical Grade (solid)
CAS No.: 3811-73-2
Molecular formula: C5H4NOSNa

Sodium Pyrithione (SPT 98%) is mainly used as antiseptic and mould ...
Min. Order: 1 KG
Chemical name: Dibenzoylmethane or 1, 3-Diphenyl-1, 3-propanedione
CAS No: 120-46-7
Appearance: Pale yellow crystal powder
Purity(GC): 99.0% min.
Melting point: 76º C ...
Min. Order: 1 KG